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What is truly Service to Mother Nature :)

The best service you can do to nature is let it be and thank the nature each day recognizing and honouring its presence and expressing love to it. Nature stretches its arms out in an embrace surrounding us in its many forms, in its dancing shadows of the trees, in the flight of its bats, inviting an experience in the mystery of the wild. There is a strength and a fire in the eyes as bright as the light of the sun and an innocent divine boon in the twinkling crescent of the moon. Are we fully unconditionally listening and giving our hands in the service to the holy cows, the sacred fire and the temples that we visit and worship ? If yes then are we listening and giving our service in love and in true faith to the worship of our very bodies – the greatest temple ? Let’s give this a thought. Shall we. I will leave you with this thought.

What is it that the mind, body, heart and soul truly require to keep it healthy and thriving ?

Is it just the quality of the meal or is our focus on the craving desire, the burning ego to satisfy to tell ourselves it is the time of the covid – let’s not consume the legumes from outside. Is it just the exercise or is our focus on the results of it. Is it just a quick prayer that will bring good health or is it the action that we take in awareness in neutral respect that truly matters ? What is it that is missing from this mirage of questions ? What do we need to really focus on ?

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Every question holds an answer inside us in our own lives in our own actions when we watch them move by are we enjoying each process functionally as it is happening to us ? For example : When we eat our meals how many times have we actually sat with just thanking the person who made us the meal ? thanking the soil from where the nutrients, the fruits the vegetables, the seeds come lavishly sprinkled on the smoothies of the acai bowls of your table.

Tips for Eating Healthy – How, When and What to Eat - straight from the mystic by Isha Foundation (Sourced from Google)

Do we watch how we chew food in our mouth or do we binge on the web-series in the mammoths of technology nestled beautifully in the huge palms.

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Have you ever dipped your feet in the soil ? Have you muddied your hands ? Have you ever walked bare foot on the beach by the sea ? Have you tried the water from the clay pots or ate a raw berry from the farm or sipped the coconut water from the lush coconut trees ? Have you ever hugged a tree or an animal let alone yourself. When we hug there is an energy exchange that takes place. Here hearts speak, here there is acceptance of the truth that we are nothing without the other and we are one and affection and care just flows.

We all love our mothers, we all pray and spend time with our it, and express our worries and tensions to the god. Have we ever thought to trust that the divine is working constantly for us and holds our hand as his utmost responsibility. The universe is testing us to observe if we learn from our mistakes, from our experiences and sees to it that we don’t judge ourselves or others, that we don’t limit ourselves or others and that we don’t interfere with what makes another happy. Any problem that you may be going through is not yours because somewhere some other person is already facing a similar issue or has overcome from that problem. For example : We may think that we don’t know what we should do after a certificate in our hands that tells we have now qualified with flying colours with 98% from our boards yet we forget the certificate doesn’t validate or define our talent. We may think that we don’t know the path unless we connect with another who is on a path or is figuring out. Maybe the only difference between you and him is he has understood he can do all this and more with a smile and an attitude to never give up.

Now by now you must be wondering how does the person writing this know so much about life. Is this person a sadhu ?

Let me share two secrets with you.

We go to everyone for advice yet we never go to mother nature who is endlessly serving us each day. She asks you to come and cry your heart in front of her. She is aware of the inner turmoil you are living with and the mind as the inner demon that we allow to enter and control us (For example : Thinking nothing is left in life when our loved one breaks up or goes distant and faraway)

She is aware of the angelic eyes that want to spread goodness in the world. (For example : We may think to ourselves to serve water to the dogs on the street). All she tells you is when you feel you are alone and nobody listens to you or understands your dream (For example : The dream to travel the world) she will because she has been a friend since you were born.

This is her whisper

The whisper of the secret I heard from the tree

“Life is not to be known, life is to be lived and experienced. Life doesn’t start with a newspaper in hand and a pill to sleep at night. Life starts when we realize we are all students and that we all learn and the learning is like that candy in the box to be shared. The day we realize that today may be the last day we may live, we don’t know if we will be alive or dead that is the day we start living”

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Nature only reminds us that its soul and beating heart is intertwined with ours and care and preserve of this delicate heart is what makes her stay.


Tanisha Agarwal

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