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Wisdom of the Mountains

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Mountains are said to be the most sacred places of enlightenment. The untouched beauty rejuvenates the purity of the being, dispelling all the dark and the wild. It's importance have been spoken as an epitome of spiritual transcendence of many in Indian culture. Let's connect to these sacred mountains today and bring to light the absolute wisdom.

“Climb mountains not so the world can see you, but so you can see the world.” – David McCullough Jr.

A mountain's spiritual meaning is frequently associated with consistency, inspiration, spiritual awakening, and overcoming obstacles. Mountains represent progress and having the mental strength to overcome the challenges you are currently or have previously faced.

Mountains have an awe-inspiring quality to them. They are majestic and awesome, towering above the plains and literally forming a stairway to heaven and acting as the gateway to the Gods. Mountains, eternally exposed to the elements and the vagaries of the weather, yet ever enduring, seem to teach us what it means to be calm in the face of adversity.
Every ascent of a mountain is an exercise in spiritual development. The mountain serves as a metaphor for life as we leave behind the dross and the mundane and scale the peak in search of another dimension. The imposing mountain and peak are always visible, but they must be climbed one step at a time with perseverance, tenacity, and a never-say-die attitude.
This divine purity enriches the soul and also makes you emotional to the point of tears. We do not get to connect with the untouched nature these days in and around us. But in the mountains, the parts unexplored or non-polluted contain immense power to alter our teetering minds. No wonder the Chandogya Upanishad tells us that it is not always a human being that has to be one’s spiritual guru and that one can learn from nature and one’s own intellect.
The concept of "Equanimity" also talks about the same. Equanimity is a state of inner balance that allows you to remain calm and centered in the midst of your life's turmoil. A common metaphor "Be like the mountain" perfectly represents this concept. The sun is absorbed by the mountain in the same way that it is absorbed by rain, wind, and snow. It is unconcerned about the weather. Whatever happens around it, the mountain remains the mountain.
In conclusion, Mountains are known for their ability to spark creative inspiration like no other because of this spiritual connection. Being on top of or near a mountain makes you feel humble while also inspiring and motivating you to pursue your deepest desires. This is why pilgrimages, for example, frequently focus on mountain routes. Being near a mountain is ideal for connecting with and experiencing your Higher Self.
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