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Try Vegan - Artist and a fine actor "Radhika Madan" is inspiring everyone to try vegan

If there is one thing that one can learn from actors across the globe is the ability for the artist to surrender and mould into the physicality traits and blend in and capture the essence of the character and make it their own. We have seen this with Alia Bhatt in Gangubai Kathiawadi, Babil Khan in Qala Samyuktha Menon in Virupaksha and Radhika Madan in one of her best performances from recent years "Angrezi Medium".

The actor shares that she wanted to get into the shape of the character who is a teen in the film and hence tried a vegan diet. She continued to eat vegan meals after the filming wrapped.

"My character, Tarika, from Angrezi Medium helped me discover vegan foods, and it completely changed my mindset and gave me a clearer perspective on life".

What's even more amazing is that her decision was further strengthened with her love for animals.

In this video she shares about how the dairy industry and the eggs industry are exploiting animals for the sake of profit.

To know more about the reality of dairy farming in India I recommend two documentaries that have brought a shift in my perspective.

In India when I walk on roads I see many cows roaming and wandering in grave hunger and thirst looking for any patch of grass that they can find to feed themselves.

A fact from the film states that : Milk production is directly proportional to Beef production. Beef in India does not exist if milk consumption declines.

Paul Mc Cartney a musical artist famously quoted

As a vegetarian who was only getting familiar with the revolution that is veganism I was fascinated and also internally going through a chaos in my mind especially about milk and I was stuck between the reality that was made to be believed all my life and the reality that it today stood for. In almost every Indian household you will see a painting of Lord Krishna with cows surrounding him looking divine ethereal and as docile eyed and innocent as Kanha himself. From the cow goddess "Kamdhenu" the dog "Shvan" as the "Vahana of Lord Shiva" the swan as the "Vahana of Devi Sarawati" to the bees regarded as symbols of "Lord Vishnu and Lord Indra" as we say Madhava - born from the honey nectar or as sweet as the honey nectrine such was the importance and has been carrying on of nature and its beautiful beings "the animal kingdom" in our ancient hindu culture. Today with the consumption of milk, killing of dogs, consumption of honey, the mass slaughter of chickens, pigs and others among countless animals ; man has left no stone unturned into using animals for its capitalistic egoistic profit making and selfish needs. Man has become a living breathing material needs seeking machine and so has turned into animals as he merely machines tailor made for the consumption of human greed. Growing up we were never made to familiarise with these beings around us with nature with animals with birds or the trees and hence we unconsciously sowed apathy within our souls. I am grateful to meditation that opened the path of awareness and allowed the soul mind and body to witness and experience question and reflect and define our own truth.

Ahimsa paramo dharma

With this in mind and with the understanding that food is not just food but energy bearing life energy that we give to this life this body and that which enriches us and becomes our nutrition and joy I could distinct in the realities and find my voice. New questions like if I am a vegetarian why do I consume egg started to arise ? Do I feel good after eating this ? The egg that I am eating where is it coming from ?

These questions brought me to a stage where I started to research and found that to eat the egg in the dessert that comes to my plate a chicken is brutally killed they are forced into separation the male chicks are thrown into hot boiling water or crushed into machines and the beaks of the female chicks are cut off with hot boiling blades and no pain killer.

Leaving eggs was easy as I knew that even one person took a stand against violence it makes a difference and it makes a change. Maybe one chicken can live.

Following this in march after watching the documentary "Maa ka Doodh" I was convinced that for every litre of milk we get today a cow whether living on a farm or a factory is ultimately sent to the slaugherhouse to be used for beef or leather. The cycle starts with the calf being born and ends with both the mother and the calf being either separated or killed.

Today just like Radhika Madan I am a proud vegan as well who will not withstand any violence towards anybeing human nature animal etc. It only takes acceptance and compassion to enter into the light and be a beacon for others. I'd like to end this article by asking you

Would you join us in being that beacon of light ! Would you be the light for your self and others ! Afterall we are one :)

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