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A lot of us are hooked to know about what our favourite celebrities endorse with respect to fashion luxury and some of us even imitate what they do. We are mostly looking for controversies but rarely at efforts. One might argue the efforts to be inconsistent but what can we learn from it is what matters. With that in mind : Let's reflect on this shed light on what luxury truly is and lets also dive into an effort from King Charles from the royal family of England in one of their momentous ocassions of the coronation.

The king and queen receive coronation roll made of vegan paper

What is the coronation roll ?

The coronation roll is a cherished tradition of the royal family dating back to 1308 when Edward II was crowned as the King of England. The coronation roll holds immense significance and value to the monarch as it details all the moments of the coronation ceremony. It is rolled out to mark the anniversary of the coronation of King Charles.

It is a hand written document but with a vegan twist.

Since around 700 years the kings and queens have been documenting their beautiful momentous ocassion on calf skin also known as vellum

Truth of Calf skin

Some of the softest and most expensive leather belongs to the skin of unborn calves. ‘Slink leather’ as it is called, is the skin of an unborn calf that has been cut out of their mother’s stomach on the killing floor of a slaughterhouse.

Let that sink in

Most luxury brands like Christian Louboutin, Gucci, Louis Vuiton, Bulgari use this as leather for their shoes, bags and more. As it is softer and mimics a luxe shiny finish there is a demand for this from consumers. We can change this by supporting brands that make vegan leather and sell vegan or plant leather products.

Do you wear leather products ?

  • Yes

  • No

Brands like Sarjaa World have been promoting conscious handcrafted bags uniquely made with nature's best ingredients like apple skin, pineapple skin, cactus skin.

Being playful, being joyful being content living being and letting people be is the true scent of ultimate luxury. Our luxury is unfairly defined by bags and shoes and hoarding of products to prove a point to society directly or indirectly. True luxury doesn't snatch the lives of another being and animals are gods, they deserve to live.

Coming back to the coronation roll, this time around it has been handcrafted on a roll made entirely out of cotton. King Charles is said to be making efforts for animal welfare and this is an effort for the same.

King Charles also allows sheep farming on royal land, including at Sandringham Estate, where Animal Rising activists took three lambs from in 2023. He is a patron of the Speciality Cheesemakers Association, eats meat, and counts eggs among his favorite foods.

If the royal family can take effort to make switches wherever possible surely we can too. To begin with we need to educate ourself about what happens in the leather industry, how is it made and which brands are we using in our daily lives or the products that still support it.

Global leather Statistics

Example of vegan leather

There are a number of alternative materials available for us to choose from even when it comes to luxury

  1. Cotton

  2. Bamboo

  3. Lotus Silk

  4. Ahimsa Silk

  5. Recycled fabrics of any kind that are ethical in nature

The alternatives are many. It is ultimately a matter of choice and responsibilty. Are you willing to pay for luxury which is not at the cost of an animal ?

Reflect and lets transform


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