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The poem that shifted my consciousness!

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Recently on instagram, I came across a reel that really got me thinking. It was about a poem which read…

“I want to teach my daughter to whisper to the flowers

And to worship the trees

I want to teach my daughter to dance in the sunshine

And to pray for the bees

I want to teach my daughter that God is in nature

And the altar is SHE”

Hearing this made me remember what all I had forgotten. We got so busy with life, so caught up in worldly things, that we forgot the most ancient knowledge that comes to us naturally as if we were born knowing it. We are the protectors of this Earth — Mother Earth. If Earth is our Mother then naturally all species, including trees are related to us.

We learnt in biology class that everything is connected, that all life comes from a single common ancestor, that all ecosystems are interconnected making our planet a giant living entity. We learned in the Bhagavad Gita that through reincarnation we go through countless lifetimes, some lifetimes in the animal kingdom as the various species before getting the opportunity to take life as a human being.

I wonder why we are the only species that has the word “being” attached. Lions are not called lion beings. I don’t know who came up with this term for our species but it makes sense. Out of the millions of species on this Earth, only we are called beings. It is because we have the ability to be, to be present, present with not just our surroundings but be present within ourselves and also be present with all life forms. All life on Earth, from the lizards, insects, reptiles, fish, mammals and the various other creatures, we are all connected. The plants sustain us, the flowers, the bees are so important for our survival, without them we would not have vegetables and fruits. Our survival is dependent on them. We are being looked after every single day by Mother Earth, by Mother Nature, yet we act like we are separate from Her in our ignorance. We pretend that we are independent when in our own bodies we rely on various bacteria that are present to successfully digest the food we intake. Every time we see a beautiful sunrise or a sunset, or a scenic landscape amid the mountains or rivers, we feel a sense of awe. This awe that we feel is really our soul longing to connect with the Source that we all share in common.

Coming back to this poem, it made me sad that I have lost this knowledge, that I had to be reminded of this. As kids we were not shy, we did whatever we wanted regardless of who was there, we danced, we talked to ourselves, we talked to our toys and most importantly we did not judge ourselves. But as we grew up, we stopped playing, stopped dancing, stopped connecting with our soul family. Mankind is a part of nature, man is supposed to be the protector of the forests not the destroyer. We all have the divine feminine inside of us regardless of our gender, it is through Her we are all connected and that is why this poem resonated so much. We are all sons and daughters of this planet and it is our birthright, our duty to protect our Mother. But how can we protect when we can’t even connect, so by whispering to the flowers, worshipping the trees that give us so much, and by praying for the bees let us all connect to our Source and discover our true reality.

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