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India brings home the Oscars and how beautiful it is to witness international acclaim and the rainbow of positivity for two magnetic wild and free elephants Raghu and Ammu and the kudos to the heartwarming idea of the Director Kartiki Gonsalves that showed the connection between man and nature man and the wild. It is true that humankind is one of the species on earth that has taken nature for granted and in return disrupted harmony which is why I want to share in this article a few things that I learnt from the film

1. When Bellie says we walk barefoot in the forest because this is our provider she is our mother and this is a way of showing respect because this forest is equal to their temple. It is where her heart resides. She also mentions that this is where her ancestors used to live. It is this quality of hers which is so inspiring where she says that we take only what is necessary and are grateful for what the forest provides. Respect is not just in our words it must reflect through our actions. If we say we respect nature yet still construct roads in the middle of forests and don't stand up for our ancestors for the people preserving forests then we are wronging ourself

2. All any animal really needs is to be seen with unconditional love and affection. Bellie and Boman share how they have been caring for Raghu for 3 years and the difficulties they faced from village when everyone looking at Raghu said he couldn't survive but they accepted him as their baby their responsibility and relentlessly with a smile cared everyday for him from Bathing, feeding them taking them around for walks leaving them for Raghu to bond and learn from his own kind. The nature of what they do is such that they often take orphaned, injured rescued elephants in their abode. It is indeed destiny's play that Raghu enters their life.

3. Respecting and giving space to learn in this film we see how Krishna - Raghu's friend through spending time with him learns to pluck grass and how Krishna gently removes the thorn from his trunk. What is friendship if not looking after and seeking out for one another. In the words of Bellie it is important to enable them to live an independent and a happy life just how they are meant to live.

4. No matter how bitter the past is we must learn to live in the present. Bellie lost her husband when a tiger killed him and this also draws a parallel to Raghu who lost his mother since she got electrocuted and died. Ammu who enters the story later is also a young 5 month old elephant who due to forest fires and droughts had to wander around for food and water and in the process got lost away from the herd. In all these stories we see that although their past was bitter they eventually let go of it and embrace their new future whether it's Bellie accepting Raghu and Ammu as her own "The mother of elephants" after she lost her kid or Ammu playing with Raghu and immediately bringing that playful element to the family. The characters never let the past circumstances affect who they are today. They grow from it and learn from it

5. Elephants are just like human beings. What makes them unique is their memory to never forget their intelligence to understand things by modelling it just like how a baby learns when the parent models. For example : Raghu learns how to open the tap listening and watching Bellie. Elephants are also emotional beings - we see many examples of this - When Bellie shares how Raghu wiped her tears when her daughter died. She was devastated but Raghu understood her sorrow and comforted her and when Raghu plays with Bomman splashing water on him signifying how happy he is

Animals are just like humans they feel they think they emote and they have a caring soul.

7. The lesson that touched my heart the most and I am sure that would touch everyone's heart is when Bomman says that service to Raghu is equal to service to God

He serves and cares for Raghu the same way that he cares for God. There is a divine presence in all of us in each soul and this scene showed that Raghu and Bomman realise that recognise that and respect that.

8. Last but not the least taking care of nature is not just our responsibility this is a generational responsibility. It is so endearing to see the happiness on the face of Bomman when the kids jump in the water bathe Ammu and learn to take care of them and play with them. Many people still fear elephants but only people who live close to elephants have felt their soft trunk have felt their love.

One thing that elephant whisperers I believe loudly wants to convey is "Shun fear from nature befriend it protect it care for it give love to its beings equally" :)

Cheers to the team of "The Elephant Whisperers"

Executive Producer: Douglas Blush, @kartikigonsalves

Commissioning Execs: @alokethebloke, @raghavkhanna24 and Team Netflix

Story: Priscilla Gonsalves

Cinematographer: Karan Thapliyal, @mr_makhija, @anandbansal2810, @kartikigonsalves

Sound Designer: @anthoruban

Associate Producer: @raunaqbajaj

Supervising Producer: @kakarmandakini

Production Coordinator: @mihika_munjal

Post Production Supervisor: @aswathi.naduthodi

Scientific Advisor: @sreedharelephas

Legal Advisor: @gitika.aggarwal

Associate Editor: @aikeshwar

Re-Recording Mixer: @lawvish

Colorist: @no_michele

On-Set Sound Recordist: @i.zaktnis, @paddy_sound, @shreyank_nanjappa , Elangovan Rangappan, #vidhaatraman

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