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Sprouting and leveling health with sprouts the superfoods

Sprout your growth and enhance and deepen your connection with mother nature by growing sprouts in your backyards. Sprouts are superfoods and come in many types. The most common ones found in the market are Moong beans and Alfafa

What Are Sprouts?

A sprout is just what it sounds like—the very first growth of the plant as the seed pops open, before any true leaves appear. From each seed, there’s growth that happens upward and downward simultaneously. The radicle, otherwise known as the plant’s first root, heads downward looking for nutrition and water. The plumule, otherwise known as the plant’s first shoot, grows upward, in search of light and air. 

If you gave sprouts a growing medium (like potting soil) and light, they would grow into microgreens and then small plants. We're stopping that growth before it happens, which means you don't need soil or light to grow sprouts at home.

Is it just me or does anyone else also feel like

"Ahh I wish I could grab them from the screen. Sprouts are the cuteeestttt"

While there are many tools available and videos to grow sprouts I want to share a technique which i found to be very simple and fun too

Sprout Jars

These jars come with a green lid and stand. The top of the jar has square shaped holes which come handy for draining excess water



The first step is to choose which sprout you would like to grow. I started with Moth-Bean Sprouts also called as Matki-bean sprouts.

Take a handful of these sprouts and put them in the jar

Add pure and clean filtered water to it I used water from clay-pots which keeps water very very cold and as it is great for our health it would be great for these sprouts to grow as well

Add them to the level where the sprouts are and a little more. For example if you have added two tablespoons of sprouts add 30ml of water to it.

Close the lid tightly and leave it overnight to soak


Drain out the water and now add some fresh water again to rinse the sprouts. Once rinsed drain out the water again

Lay the jar with the handle facing down for any excess water to drain

Repeat this process of rinsing twice in the same day

Once you are done rinsing them leave it overnight and the next day you will find these little beans have grown with cute little white tails. Your sprouts are now ready. Put them in a tight glass container and keep them in the fridge

Whenever you need to use them take them out leave it in room temperature for a while and then add them to your dishes

Let's make a quick little sprout salad

2 tbsp sprouts

2 tbsp chopped tomatoes

4-5 pieces of chopped cucumber

A pinch of rock salt (optional)

A pinch of lemon juice

A must try for anyone conscious about fitness

I like to also add them with avocado toasties :)))

Ingredients needed

2 ripe avocados

1 small lemon (optional)

Seasalt (quantity as per taste)

2-3 slices of sourdough bread

Olive oil

Black pepper

Mint leaves

And of course the star ingredient of your dish - SPROUTS !!

Take a slice of sourdough bread and toss it in a pan with olive oil on a low flame

Take 2 ripe and fresh avocado remove the seed and scoop out the butter

Mash these avocados really well with your hands until it has a scramble like consistency

Mix a pinch of seasalt and some black pepper and you have got yourself a juicy soft and zesty guacamole dip

Spread them luciously on your sourdough bread (I used a sweet potato sourdough bread) you could use anything of your choice :)

Sprinkle your sprouts (boiled or steamed) and add a few mint leaves for some extra fresh flavours

Align your hands in a namaskar bow your head down your legs crossed in a lotus pose close your eyes and spend some time here to thank each and every being mother nature and every little tool that was used as a medium to bring you this dish with love.

Let your eyes sparkle with happiness on seeing the dish and let your nose feel the fresh notes of citrus lime crunch and savor each bite slowly with the sound reaching till your ears.


Sprouts are said to be great source of protein aids in weight loss and are easy to digest

Watch this video to learn more

Have you ever grown sprouts ? How was your experience. Share in the comments below :)

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