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Seeking wisdom from our roots to combat the climate change !!

As the north of India prepares to survive the heatwave ongoing in certain parts of India it becomes very very important for us to take a pause and step back and open our eyes to the wisdom passed on by our ancestors to keep us cool from within. In light of that let's share a few innovations taking place and some tips we can all easily incorporate in our homes and workspaces.

Soak your mangoes in water

Our grandparents and their great great grandparents had abundant wisdom growing up. They emphasized on soaking mangoes in water for atleast one hour. The reason : Mangoes are heaty in nature and the water helps to reduce the heat, the phytic acid present in them and also make them more softer and easier to peel and eat. Do this if you just love to devour many mangoes yet be conscious of the breakouts in your skin and avoid any indigestion issues. Balance is the key. Also when we keep mangoes in the fridge for too long their natural taste is sometimes you may observe the ripening process slows down drastically

Using the desi mitti ka matka or ghada

Many of us like to drink water stored in the fridge, but drinking such chilled water can give a shock to your system. We all have a digestive fire also called as Jatara agni in ayurveda. It is simple when we drink such cold water from the fridge our digestive fire dampens the digestive fire completely. In my personal observation it also leads to immediate bloating and a headache too sometimes. It is best to drink water from the desi mitti or terracotta clay pot called in hindi as paani ka gada. Terracotta has natural heat and water regulation properties, it keeps water cool naturally. Water stored in terracotta pots and consumed from it also has a distinct earthen flavour and these pots are easily available in any nearby local markets.

Not just this, but one of the most compelling reasons to opt for clay pot water is its potential to enhance nutrient absorption. The minerals present in clay like iron, calcium, magnesium make it the best choice for our health. By choosing clay bottles and clay kitchenware you are also preventing the buying of harmful plastic bottled water as well.

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