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Live and Let Live - Animal export banned in UK marks a new life for animals

A bill to ban live animal exports from the UK has passed its final stage in Parliament and will soon become law.

The Animal Welfare (Livestock Exports) Bill will put an end to the export of cows, sheeps, and pigs for fattening or slaughter. The Bill has been making its way through Parliament since a 2020 government consultation showed that 87 percent of respondents wanted to see live exports banned.

The first reading of the bill took place on 4th December 2023 and was passed on 20th May with the Royal Assent

A new ban on exporting live animals came into law today (Monday 20 May) as the Animal Welfare (Livestock Exports) Act received Royal Assent

The bill clearly states that a person may not export relevant livestock from Great Britain for slaughter

Relevant livestock includes

 “Relevant livestock” means— (a) cattle and other bovine animals, (b) horses and other equine animals, (c) sheep, 15 (d) goats, or (e) pigs or wild boar.

What is Livestock ?

Livestock or livestock farming is the domestication and breeding of animals feeding them and raising them in an agricultural setting and later force them for labour, snatch babies away from mother animals and use them for the production of meat, egg, poultry, eggs leather and much more. Often these animals are sold to slaughter houses where they are slaughtered and their skin is used for leather the flesh is used as meat and much more.

The reason livestock farming has been going on or had been going on for so long in my opinion is due to the demand for animal protein.


What makes livestock the biggest environmental issue persistent

Let’s understand with facts

“Livestock and their byproducts account for at least 32,000 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year, or 51% of all worldwide greenhouse gas emissions”

(Fact cross checked with

One of the animals that the livestock bill passed to export misses out is chickens and doesn't highlight about poultry farming or discuss it.

"Every year, over one billion chickens are slaughtered for meat in the UK. Over 90% of these chickens are bred to grow too quickly and reared in bare, dimly lit and overcrowded conditions. They have little room to move around freely and perform natural behaviours like perching and preening"


“This is a huge day to celebrate and one that has been long-awaited,” Philip Lymbery, CEO of Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) – which has long campaigned for the ban – said in a statement. “For decades, farmed animals have endured these senseless and arduous exports to the continent – but no longer! I am phenomenally proud of our supporters whose dedication and persistence have helped secure this hard-fought victory.”

The animals suffered from injuries, mental exhaustion and distress, hunger, and dehydration, with food and water sometimes not provided at all. Temperature extremes added to the physical dangers and stress experienced by the animals, which included young male calves unwanted by the dairy industry. Journeys could last up to 96 hours, and at the end of them, animals could be slaughtered in brutal ways that would be illegal in the UK.  

What does the bill change ?

Animals deserve a life and not killing or being put through sufferable conditions for humans to use their byproducts the skin, flesh, bones or to be consumed as food. The protein potent in plants is 10x more than that of any animals. Some of the best sources of vegan and plant based protein are

In my opinion some of the best plant based proteins are


Indian Millets like Baajra (Pearl millet), Foxtail millet (Kangni), Ragi (Finger millet). Infact millets were considered to be the superfoods of 2023 by many

Indian herbs like tulsi, dhanya or coriander, pudina or mint

Satvic foods

Sticking to rich balanced colorful meals and conscious eating can heal our body mind and soul

'Growing momentum’

CIWF said that the new legislation was “growing momentum” around the world to end live exports. In 2023, a Brazilian court banned live cattle exports and a ban came into force in New Zealand to end all live exports by sea for cattle, sheep, deer, and goats. The Australian government recently announced that live sheep exports would end in 2028.

As compassion in the world keeps becoming higher and the practice of ahimsa keeps becoming more consistent and serving nature by raising voices collectively keeps getting stronger and actions becoming more impactful bans like these and positive changes will keep rising

Awareness of a vegan lifestyle also is increasing as people feel they can derive all the nutrition through this option and it also is a valid choice when it makes one truly happy

How to cultivate compassion in all of us

Meditation is one of the ways to do this. Just close your eyes cross your legs and surrender to your natural breath. With consistent practice of meditation we become more aware of our thoughts and sensitive with nature feeling a oneness in nature. Love and compassion are bound to follow

The ban passed against export of animals is a revolution and I pray that this follows in every country and animals live a peaceful live free of any slavery.


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