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Happy world environment day !!!

It is world environment day and in honor of world environment day here are some activities which we can all do to celebrate the day as shared by fruitarian S.P Singh

  1. Plant a tree It is vital and important to the environment and it enhances the green cover. Planting a tree is a great source of oxygen and by planting more and more seeds we are creating more greener healthier space for us and our upcoming generations too

2. Check on consumerization - how by living a minimal lifestyle

Opt for public transport and walking rather than using private vehicles. You can also choose electric vehicles.

3. Switch to vegetarian food and avoid dairy.

Food is a personal choice and food is energy and when we eat non-vegetarian food we are consuming energy from a dead living being and the suffering of the animal. Vegetarian food is life-giving and fuels positive energy within you. Dairy today has become very commercialised and some cows are experiencing abuse here unfortunately. Try plant-based milks like coconut milk, almond milk, soy milk etc. which is easy to make

4. Reduce your electricity consumption to as low as possible opting for minimal use of AC and any other high consumption equipments.

5. Save water don't waste consume only as much as you require

In the end be grateful to mother nature and be in sync with her always :)

Love and Light

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