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Celebrating Mother's day with Mother Nature!

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

When we get older, we value our mothers more than ever. If you're a mom, this is particularly true. “How did she ever put up with me?” is a question that most of us must be considering.

As a result, we do our utmost to express our gratitude with flowers, presents, and Sunday brunch. Mom is still ecstatic, no matter what you do.

On Mother's Day, however, we should consider another Mother: Mother Earth. Why not pay tribute to both? They are both extremely important in your life. My mother played a significant role in instilling in me a love of nature as well as an appreciation for art.

Mother Nature is a special mother who binds us all. She bestows many gifts, such as beautiful land to explore, colorful animals, and shade-giving trees. She has a natural ability to uplift our hearts and make us feel better.

"Some refer to me as Mother Nature, while others refer to me as nature. When I succeed, you succeed as well. You falter when I falter. Nature is who I am. I'll continue. I am willing to change. Are you?" Julia Roberts portrays Mother Nature in Conservation International's "Nature Is Speaking" video series, which serves as a powerful reminder that our ability to live and prosper on this planet is dependent on how we manage the environment.

Our wild places are extremely important to us at The Mountaineers. Mother Nature has always provided us with opportunities to explore, learn, and develop. And we all owe her gratitude for everything she's done for us. She drives us to go higher, paddle faster, dig deeper, and keep going. She motivates us to give back and fight for our natural areas so that future generations can experience the benefits of spending time outdoors.

Here are a few activities where you can celebrate this Mother's day with the eternal other 'Nature' as well as your birth mother:

1. Using vegetables or herbs from your garden to make an ecological dinner instead of processed food. Planning for a garden next year if you don't have one at the present.

2. Morning walks in the sun with your mother, celebrating the beauty while also reaping the health benefits that can help you sleep better at night by maintaining a natural circadian rhythm. A walk through the forest offers exercise, an opportunity to reconnect with your mother(mom and mother nature), and a chance to de-stress.
3. Purchasing a package of nice reusable grocery bags for your mother – it might not sound thrilling, but you use them at least once a week, and upgrading to very nice bags makes a job more enjoyable.

4. By purchasing a "Stand For Trees certificate" in her honor, you can show Mom (and Mother Earth) some extra love this year. Supporting a 'Stand For Trees Project' helps to protect sensitive environments, endangered species, and sustainable urban growth while also lowering greenhouse gas emissions. This is a blessing that contributes to a brighter future for the people you care about.

5. Eco-products: If you have to give her something she can hold, admire, and cherish for a long time, make it an eco-friendly item. Handcrafted jewelry made from recycled materials, dresses and accessories made from eco-friendly materials and processes, and natural cosmetics that are healthy for both your mother and the world are all options.
We owe Mother Nature our gratitude, and we will continue to enjoy and preserve her for future generations. Let us honor not only the incredible women who gave us birth, but also our collective Mother (Mother Earth), who ensures that life continues on this planet for all of us!

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