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Apple is ready for a transformation says no to leather and announced new fine woven line !

India is the 4th largest leather producing country in the world ranking at number 4 while China is at the top with 25% of leather being manufactured.

Apple will stop using leather, it has announced.

It will offer no new products using materials taken from animals, it said. That includes iPhone cases and Watch bands, both of which make heavy use of leather.

Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of environment, policy and social initiatives, noted that leather is a popular material for accessories. But it has considerable environmental impact, she noted, especially at the scale that Apple uses it.

As such, it has committed to phasing out those materials. Instead, it will rely on new materials that have been especially developed.

For the Apple Watch’s sport loop, for instance, it has changed the material to use 82 per cent recycled yarn.

For the straps that are currently made out of leather, it will rely on a new seemingly custom developed material called “FineWoven”.

A close up of the fine-woven straps to be introduced for the new apple products

That will presumably also be used for the cases made for the new iPhone 15.

And Apple has developed new straps with Nike and Hermès. The new materials will help make the new Apple Watch Series 9 the first carbon neutral product the company has made.

Made from durable micro-twill, the material has a soft, suede-like feel. The FineWoven material was also designed with the earth in mind — made from 68 per cent post-consumer recycled content and significantly reducing carbon emissions compared with leather. The case quickly snaps into place and fits snugly over your iPhone without adding bulk.

Why leather needs to be banned ?

Raising animals for food and leather requires huge amounts of feed, pastureland, water, and fossil fuels. Animals on factory farms produce 130 times as much excrement as the entire human population, without the benefit of waste treatment plants. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has even acknowledged that livestock pollution is the greatest threat to our waterways.

Hidden truth behind leather

As an apple iphone user I welcome this change and we can only pray that more companies become aware and start switching to vegan leather

Market for Global Plant Based leather

What is Vegan Leather ?

Vegan leather is a material with a leather-like appearance that’s not made from any animal products. There are a few reasons why it exists.

First, vegan leather is made without the skin of an animal. Strictly speaking through the lens of vegan ethics, this is probably one of the most important points.

Some of the most popular types of vegan leather

  1. 100% PU Leather

  2. Cactus Leather

  3. Different types of fruit leather made with pineapple leaves, apple leaves

  4. Palm Leather

  5. Mylo which is a leather derived from mushrooms

  6. Fleather which is made by repurposing flower waste

While Apple is setting the change it also inspires emerging smartphone companies to open their possibilities and listen to the conscious consumer of today who wants the feel of luxe but not at the cost of the life of a cow or a bovine animal.

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