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Welcome 2023 :)

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

1. As we enter into the third day of a new year 3.01.2023 let's reflect and rejoice in some conscious choices good for humanity and the Earth. The sound of firecrackers continues to be heard everywhere.

Let's all come together and say no to firecrackers and rather rejoice with our loved ones this year.

Did you know that China is the largest manufacturer and exporter of firecrackers in the world.

India has a long running history of firecrackers. The first fireworks factory in India was set up in the 19th century. Benefiting from the restrictions of imports of firecrackers after independence, Sivakasi in Tamil Nadu emerged as India’s Firecracker hub.

Unlike in the colonial and medieval eras, with an increase in India’s population and economic prosperity of the Indian middle class — particularly in the last 30 years — and with surplus supply arriving from the country’s flourishing domestic industry, the use of firecrackers grew by leaps and bounds.

What also grew by leaps and bounds is pollution.

Image source :

Hazardous component mix of a firecracker.

  • Color producing compounds: Specific compounds produce intense colors when burnt. Some of these used in fireworks are strontium, calcium, sodium and barium as salts while copper, aluminum, magnesium are used as metals.

  • Fuel: Gunpowder — a mixture of potassium nitrate, sulfur, and charcoal — is used as fuel. It allows firecrackers to burn.

  • Oxidizer: Provides oxygen to power fuel combustion. Includes nitrates, chlorates, and perchlorates.

  • Chlorine donor: It helps strengthen some colors. In certain fireworks, oxidizers act as chlorine donors.

  • Binder: It holds the mix together. Includes usually, dextrin — a type of starch — and water.

How does firecrackers result in low air quality and pollution

Let's understand

An AQI from 0 to 50 is considered good; 51 to 100 is satisfactory; between 101 to 200 is moderate while 201 to 300 and 301 to 400 is considered poor and very poor, respectively. AQI from 401 to 500 is severe and above 500 is hazardous.

Extensive and excessive use of fireworks in India, during Diwali or other celebrations, results in degradation of air quality and an increase in levels of noise pollution.

Besides this the bursting of firecrackers is also not good for animals especially dogs who cannot tolerate the sound and may have severe anxiety issues due to the sounds.

Despite strict regulations by state governments people continue to let little kids play with crackers.

Did you know that the manufacturers of firecracker industry often use children and induce forced labour on them to make these harmful crackers.

So what can you and I do

Let's give a seed in the hands of these little kids and watch them make a new growth as a conscious living being of this planet growing with the green and making the earth a healthy place. Trees are our oxygen. Let us protect them grow them nurture them

3. Switch to using old cloths and flowers for decorating our homes in our upcoming festivals

What is common among the party poppers, gift wrappers, new year banners, party caps, plastic cups and plastic shiny balls

Guess guess

Yes you guessed it correct - tons and tons of micro and macro plastic that will end up in our landfills and take years and years to decompose.

Instead switch to making your own decor with flowers, plants reuse old cloths and give them a new life as colourful banners.

4. Gratitude and affirmation journals for the win !

We all take resolutions but never fulfill them because these resolutions are for our future selves in the future year. So instead let us choose to simply focus on the present moment and enjoy wherever we are and whatever we are doing. Instead of making resolutions lets write atleast 5 things we are grateful for and 5 affirmations each day in our journals. Be it your job, be it your new venture, a new class, a new relationship or even a new hobby.

Let's come together and make a collective affirmation

We are one

We are blessed

We are grateful

We acknowledge what we have, who we are and our role on this earth

5. Allow yourselves to accept your past mistakes

There is no better way to celebrate new year than by reflecting on your year. What are some of the best moments, your new milestones, what can you better on and what new realizations you had. Transparency is the way to go. Take pride in learning who you are.

For example : I felt that this year made me see how travelling alone can be peaceful and brave and I must travel more to see the small missions in my life and the dreams more clearly.

Last but not the least let's all come together and be mindful in our choices, allow ourselves to realise the source of our choices and actions, the thoughts behind our words and the love inside each soul.

Wishing everyone a warm welcome to the new year :)


Tanisha Agarwal


Other image sources : Google

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