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How to make Diy Home-made organic potpourri recipe

What is a potpourri ?

According to Google - it is a mixture of dried petals and spices placed in a bowl to perfume a room.

We may have heard of potpourri being made from dried leaves, flowers or dead flowers which would otherwise be discarded. But have you ever wondered how to make fruit and vegetable potpourri from organic fruit and vegetable peels.

Often after eating our favourite fruits we take the peels and throw them in our bins. Some of us also consciously separate them into wet and dry bins and compost them so they convert into manure or famously called "Black gold' for plants. But have you ever thought of using these peels differently and giving them a new look.

Well I recently made a fruit and vegetable potpourri. How it is very simple.

After eating some oranges I realised I don't want to discard these peels and so I took the orange peels and laid them neatly on a paper on a tray and left it to dry in the sun. I repeated this same process with some lemon peels, sweet lime peels and avocado skin. I also sliced a few round pieces of the orange and sweet lime to dry in the sun.

The following day I took the brittle and dry peels and skin and broke them carefully into small pieces and one by one added it to a tight glass jar. I also added the round pieces. The dried items leave a very fresh citrus scent which is the star of our potpourri.

To give it a more aromatic smell I added some star anise, 1 or 2 pieces of cinnamon stick, a dried mint leaf and a clove.

Finally to top it off I added one drop of apple-cinnamon essential oil and sealed it with a cork on top.

And ta-da Home made potpourri is ready

- Tanisha Agarwal *Swagg buddy* :)

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