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Can humans better the world?

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

From eating habits to flying to space, we have become acutely reliant on technology. Though technological advancements have given rise to enormous achievements, are we really happy in this modern world?

Humans desire to change our habitat and environment to meet our requirements has been a defining characteristic. Our power to transform landscapes and the planet has grown in tandem with our technical prowess.

Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, an artist who explores the human values shaping design, science, technology and nature has put out some important questions that every individual on this planet should give a thought about. Her artwork explores the human impulse to 'better' the world.

She questions about the human relationship with nature. Her questions delve into the concept of how we are leading artificial lives. We, humans are evolving by following the concept of 'quick as a flash' in building life, have become slaves towards swift solutions provided by the technological advancement. But is this resolving our issues or giving rise to more complications? are we disposing of the Mother Nature in the process of creating an easy life?

Ginsberg questions - ‘Should we really be working to create artificial life if we can't protect the natural life we already have on the planet?’
This question touches a chord and hits home. This makes us rethink about our entire lifestyle and its elements.

Speaking in laymen terms, in the current world, every day feels like a chore. We talk about Monday blues and keep waiting for the weekends just to end up in a bar. Myriad of individuals crave for a vacation everyday, always wanting to run away from the mundane life.

Even the menial jobs feel like an extreme burden breeding various mental and physical health issues. It has also become evident that our actions are having an impact on the health of our world, as seen by changing climate, ecological degradation, species extinction, and pollution.

At the end of all of this, we are looking out connect back with the Mother Earth in one or the other sense. This hunger towards connecting with the authentic cosmos/ the inner self is only possible if we protect both the inner and the outer world as we see.

How do you think we can make this change? Let us know in the comments
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